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Open Winter Post 2016

This post is intended partly to act as an overflow for threads from Baker Street's overflowed thirst mistletoe meme. But I will gladly take any new threads as well, either for mistletoe or general winter shenanigans!

For some winter prompts, this meme has some! And with the mistletoe, it can either be ordinary or magical, and have whatever sorts of requirements would make the thread the most fun! My only real preference is that I won't write out any sex. Beyond that, go wild and be merry, everyone!
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[ooc: continued from here!]

It has? [He gives a surprised glance towards her at her assessment.] But the streamers did not come in the correct colors, nor did all of the flavors of punch that people wanted. And- and...

[He pauses as he looks down at the plate and the juice that have been handed on him. His stomach may be rumbling mildly.]

I cannot thank you enough for such a gesture, Maizono-kun! It is true that I have not truly had anything to eat or drink yet on this fine evening... but you did not have to go to such lengths! [He's not sure if he deserves it.]
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Ishimaruuuuu ♥

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[The tone her voice was more firm as she says his name, which was also accompained with an unyeilding gaze. She'd give him a pat on the shoulder, but her hands are full right now.] If it makes you feel better, I didn't notice the streamer colors at all. From what I can see, everyone looks like they are enjoying the punch.

[The sound of her voice softens and her lips form into a gentle smile.] Don't worry about the little things, okay? You did a wonderful job setting everything up, so you deserve to enjoy yourself at the pary as well! More than anyone, actually.

You are welcome! It's the least I can do for you, since you have been working so hard on making this a fun party for all of us. [Yes, Ishimaru you silly thing. You most definitely deserve a plate of delicious treats!] If you ever forget to eat again, I'll be forced to scold you. So... watch out! ♥[Even though she's giggling, there was a part of her that was being serious about that threat.]
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[She faces him with stern conviction, and it's hard for him to deny that or her words. He almost looks flustered as she compliments the arrangements and himself.]

Maizono-kun... [He breathes her name for a moment, and then he quickly bows.] It is good to hear that you are enjoying the accommodations thus far! Hard work is its own reward, and I am pleased to feel that my hard work here has paid off! That is enough for me.

[Does he not plan to actually enjoy himself?

He then looks at the plate sternly.]

As a diligent young student, I intend to avoid scoldings at all costs. I suppose that... I will have to truly accept your food, Maizono-kun! I promise to be even more careful about my dietary needs from now on! [Starting with this plate of food!]
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[Seeing Ishimaru bow causes Sayaka to beam with a grin, and she finds herself bowing back at him.] Of course! You did such a splendid job, I can't help but marvel at everything. [Now she's starting to giggle. He was always a joy to be around and seeing him working hard always inspired her to improve herself.] Good, good! You are truly a model student. Eat as much as you like and we can even go for seconds if you are still hungry!

[As she's continuing her giggling fit, she tilts her head upwards, her eyes grow wide when she takes notice of a certain flower hanging above their heads.

Even though she claimed that she was an esper, she certainly did not see that coming.]

Um... [Sayaka stands there, almost petrified as a pink blush starts to spread across her face.]

I-Ishimaru-kun, look up...
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[He's further flustered by the rest of her compliments and takes them in humbly.]

I am honored by your praise! Thank you again! [He was about to look for a table when he was distracted by Sayaka's latest words.]

Eh? What is it? Did I forget to...

[He looks up, following her line of sight - and then he sees it. The Mistletoe.]

What?! How - how could that have gotten there?! [He did not plan for any mistletoe! It promotes unwholesome behavior! But even with that aside... something about this is really making his cheeks burn up!]
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Now I'm wondering who was behind this...

[It doesn't surprise Sayaka to hear that Ishimaru didn't plan for a mistletoe, he definitely never struck her as the type to do that. Which made her wonder who. Hmmm.


It was probably Enoshima. Yup, she'll blame it on Junko.

Despite her curiosities, this wasn't the real issue at hand. They had other pressing matters to worry about.]

Um... [Seeing Ishimaru's burning cheeks was making her face heat up as well, she was beginning to look like a strawberry just from looking at him.] W-What do we do?

I heard that when you don't follow the rules of the mistletoe, it brings you bad luck.
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[He sweats nervously as his blush builds up.]

I promise that I will not rest until I find the culprit! They will be sure to receive consequences for their actions!

[Blaming it on Junko sounds legit though. She can really make a killing.

He finally lowers his gaze from the mistletoe, but he has trouble meeting Sayaka's eyes, and he gulps nervously.]

Misfortune?! That is no good! But the alternative... is publicly taking part in inappropriate behavior! Is that really alright, Maizono-kun?! [But even without meeting eye contact, he catches a glimpse of how red her cheeks are.] Are you running a fever...?
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you earned a https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zXDo4dL7SU for that killer joke

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I believe in you! I'm sure you'll be able to catch the culprit and give them a lesson they will never forget.

[Junko certainly knows how to slay them.

Sayaka would have been laughing at the mental image of Ishimaru chasing down Junko and giving her a lecture but right now, she was too flustered to think of that. Her gaze shifts back to Ishimaru, catching eye contact with him for a few seconds before she quickly averts her eyes away.]

When you put it like that, the alternative doesn't sound much better either. We seem to be in a bit of a dilemma, don't we? [While no one seemed to be paying attention to them, the idea of someone that they knew passing by and seeing them... kiss, would be pretty embarrassing. Oh geez. Thinking about it causes her to blush even more!] Huh...? [Oh dear. He noticed she was blushing like crazy. She nervously gulps, trying to put on her best idol like smile to reassure him.] I'm fine! Thank you for your concern. Umm, you seem a little red yourself. Are you okay?
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I'm proud of this achievement!

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[He can't even get himself to mentally rehearse the stern talking-to that he would like to deliver to the culprit; he's too rooted in this moment. This odd mix of embarrassment and... some sort of feeling that is warm, and fuzzy. And he's still holding a plate full of food, so this probably looks like an odd scene to anyone passing by.

And he's afraid of making the image even odder... He knows that despite his best efforts, his appearance is often made fun of. He doesn't want Sayaka to be made fun of too, for kissing someone like him.

But as she points out his own redness, he looks down and panics, turning even more red in the process.]

Eh?! I am red as well? That cannot be! I have been very diligent in taking care of myself. I... I cannot possibly be falling ill at a time like this!
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You deserve it!!

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[While there was always going to be that nervous and shy feeling when kissing someone, she wasn't exactly against the idea of sneaking kisses under a mistletoe. She just didn't want to make Ishimaru feel uncomfortable and awkward, considering she knew what a proper person he was. At first, she thought it was the embarrassment of the mistletoe that was making him red, but when she listens to him speak, now she can't help but worry if he was really coming down with something.]

If you don't mind, let me check and see? [Sayaka stands on her tip toes and gently places her palm against Ishimaru's forehead, checking on his temperature and in process, her still reddened face gets a little too close to his. ] Hmmmm... well, I'm definitely not a nurse like Tsumiki-san, so I can't say for sure but.

You feel warm? I can't exactly tell if you are sick, though. How are you feeling? [She's worried that he might have accidentally over worked himself while working on the preparations for this party and got ill. Her blue eyes squint and she tilts her head while studying his face in an attempt to see if he was coming down with a fever.]
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Ah... [Time for him to feel even more flustered as her face draws closer, and her hand feels his forehead.]

I... To tell the truth, Maizono-kun, I feel unusual! [Overworking himself into sickness is a fairly legit concern, but it's not what's taking shape now.] My heartbeat - it feels very prominent! It is also as if something warm is swirling around in my stomach. A-and... I am having trouble enunciating words! [It's hard for him to even say this much while she's this close.]
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[Oh no, he really was sick!!!!! She needed to go grab help and fast!! Before she started to panic and hightailed it to frantically search for Tsumiki or Yukizome-sensei, she continued to listen to him. At the mention of his heartbeat, that's when it finally dawned on her.

He wasn't sick at all. Which was a immense relief, but...]

A-Ah, I see.

[And then that's when it finally hit her, realizing the close proximity they were from each other. This causes her own heart to race, especially feeling the warmth radiating from him.]

Well, Ishimaru-kun. How do I say this. [She pauses for a few seconds, removing her hand from his forehead and glancing up at the mistletoe before returning her gaze back to him. For some reason, even after she stopped checking his temperature, she found herself still standing close to him.] I think it might be because of the mistletoe? Um... [A nervous gulp goes down her throat.] my heart's been beating rapidly because of it... and that's why I'm so red.
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[His eyes widen, and his breath grows short as he considers what she could mean.]

The mistletoe? Could... could it be...?!

[After a beat, he gasps aloud.]

A contagion, spread by the mistletoe?! It must be like an allergic reaction! I am so sorry that I dragged into this infection, Maizono-kun! [Even if... she looks even cuter like this.]
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[Did he figure it out? Sayaka is so proud of you—




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[Although she was stunned to silence for a moment, she did have to admit that in a way, he was kinda right. In a way, the power of the mistletoe could make anyone feel infected with embarrasment of kissing someone?

After a few seconds, she starts to giggle, because Ishimaru-kun you are such a precious person. He does a good job of making her feel less nervous though!]
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[Once she stops her giggling fit, she lets out an exhale and makes direct eye contact with him.]

No need to apologize! You didn't infect me and what I'm feeling is not really a allergic reaction, um... [Except when she thinks about it, maybe it kinda is? Because the redder he gets, she could feel her cheeks heating up. Seeing him like this was quite cute. But hmm, how was she going to explain these feelings to him?]

I'm a ... bit nervous when it comes to things like this. Um. [She gazes away for a brief moment, the blush continuing to spread across her face.] H-Have you ever kissed anyone before?
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[He Tried, okay. He struggles to look her in the eye and feels more flustered as she speaks. ...If it's not a sickness... His stance becomes more rigid out of nervous reflex.]

Ah... N-no, I have never kissed anyone, other than the occasional family member on the cheek. [He looks away uncertainly. He's sure that Sayaka deserves to have someone else under the mistletoe] I have found no time for such things alongside my studies... p-perhaps if you prefer, I can ask if anyone else would look to take my place in this ritual!
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[A+ for effort!!

She's not surprised to hear that, especially when he brings up his studies. In fact, she almost knows how he feels, with her idol career and all. When he looks away, she tilts her head to the side, worried that she might have made him uncomfortable. That was the last thing she wanted to do.]
You really don't have to do that! I mean, I wouldn't mind partaking in this tradition with you at all.

In fact, I think it would make me very happy if it was you... [Oh my gosh. Did she seriously just say that outloud? In an instant, Sayaka's whole face turns red and if possible, she could feel steam coming out of of her ears.]

S-Sorry!! F-Feel free to ignore that. I really don't want to make you feel uncomfortable or anything!! So umm... [A laugh escapes from her lips in an attempt to hide her very obvious embarrasment.]
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[It's like a pair of tomatoes talking to each other now; Ishimaru freezes up, his heart racing at idea she seemed to be forming.

He raises his arms quickly and waves them to sway away her doubts. He stammers as he tries to respond to her.]

N-no! It is alright. It is true that this is a very unusual situation. But... To determine our actions, Maizono-kun, it is best to be honest. The last thing that I would want would be to make a decision that displeases you... or worse, hurts you!

[He struggles to look her in the eyes. With hope in his own.]

...S-so, please... Whatever it is that you are feeling... Do not be afraid to declare it to me!!
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[The longer she stared at Ishimaru, she could feel her own heartbeat growing louder. Except that for some reason, she didn't want to look away right now.

None the less, it made her really happy to hear those words from Ishimaru. The last thing she wanted to do was scare him away and make things awkward for the both of them.]

Y-Yes, you are exactly right. Honesty is the key and... [There's a small pause before she speaks up. Those words practically go straight through her heart. She continues to stare at him, with a gentle expression on her face. From that, she could feel the genuine care in his voice when he says that and it makes her undeniably happy to hear such genuine kindess from someone.] Ishimaru-kun... [To be honest, she can't even find the right words to speak from the emotions going through her.] Thank you. You are very kind. But um, please don't hold back with me, okay? I don't want to do anything that displeases or upsets you, either. I've grown quite fond of you from the time we've known each other.

[Now she didn't have any more doubts. Sayaka gulps, looking at him with a bit more conviction, leaning in a little closer to him. She changes her tone into more of a whisper, wanting only him to hear what she has to say.]

So, if it's okay with you. Will you... do me the honor of sharing a kiss with me for Christmas?
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[He flushes again as she says that and goes stuff for a moment, but then he slowly shuffles closer to her in turn. He takes a deep breath as he tries to find the words to describe his answer.]

M-Maizono-kun!! I... I am honored that you would ask such a thing of me! With every moment, it is becoming clearer. My heart's actions must be joy at your very existence! It feels like you are growing cuter with every moment! I... Yes, it has to be true! My heart wants us to kiss!

[He pauses for a moment, his arms rigid at his side. Her very scent is intoxicating!]

I must apologize in advance, however. My studies have been lacking in the area of kissing! B-but... I will do my best, for your sake, Maizono-kun!

[Redder than ever, he closes his eyes and puckers his lips as he slowly leans towards Sayaka's face.]
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[It was as if time stopped at this very moment. Instead of a racing heart, she felt as though her heart was melting from hearing such compassionate and heartfelt words. Never before had anyone said something that kind and genuine to her and it made her feel so incredibly happy.]

Ishimaru-kun... [She tenderly places her hands against his stiff arms, gazing him straight into his eyes with a loving expression.] That's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. My heart feels like jumping for joy hearing that you feel the same way. I'm finding myself becoming more and more charmed over by you. It warms my heart when I see what a kind hearted person you are, how you always work hard and try your best at everything.

[Her blue eyes were shining the longer she stared, becoming more entranced and captivated by him.]

Don't worry! I'm sure you will be fine. Truth be told, I... don't have much experience in things like this, either. So...um, we can learn together?

[Without any trace of hesitation, Sayaka closes her eyes, leans up and brings her lips to to meet his for a soft and gentle kiss.]
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[At her touch, he briefly becomes even more rigid, but then the stiffness softly melts away. His heart is singing like never before, as if in such a beautiful trance, and his hands gently clasp onto her arms as she comes to him, and the kiss begins.

His heart patters nervously, as this is his first ever kiss. But he lets Sayaka's words and this strong feeling that he feels inside inspire him in this action.

And so, as their lips make contact, Ishimaru is sure to do his best to give her a tender and lovely kiss.]
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[His lips felt pleasant and sweet and she could feel a surge of warmth flickering throughout her body. There was a spark before she felt as though her head was in the clouds and she found herself melting into the kiss.

While this wasn't her first kiss, this felt different from anything she's ever experienced. Never before did a kiss felt so tender and lovely. Above all else, it made her beyond happy.

When she felt his hands against her arms, she places her hands against his chest and lets her lips linger for a few moments. There was a bit of reluctance as she slowly parted away from him, her eyes were completely locked on his as she stayed in the same position.]

I h-hope that was an okay first kiss... [Her heart would not stop it's rapid beating. Even though the red on her face would not disappear, there's a twinkle in her eye as she's staring at him with an expression that was radiant.] I'm beyond flattered that you shared your first with me.
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[He feels warm. Warmer than he ever has, in a comfy and cozy way. The kiss, her hands on his chest... It all radiated such warmth through his heart and his whole body. The nervousness melted away into a contented delight.

He did not realize that contact with another person could feel so great. Is this way many people chose to pursue romance over studies? At this moment, he feels that he understands those people now more than ever.

Ishimaru pulls back and looks her in the eyes, with a red glow still coloring his face, and he looks nothing but happy with it. Her words than catch him by surprise, as he feels the answers should be obvious. He speaks quickly and warmly, while his hands remain holding onto her arms.]

It... it was a beautiful experience. Beyond any words! [He then shakes his head in denial.] But the flattery was all mine! I am sure that anyone would be honored to kiss you, Maizono-kun, and yet you enjoyed the kiss of someone like me...

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